Elm Consulting Group International

We are a global health, safety, environment and sustainability audit and management consultancy


The assessment of HSE performance against regulatory
requirements, standards, corporate guidelines and best management practices is a valuable tool for companies the understand and manage associated risk.


The development and implementation of health, safety and
environmental management programs are a key component for developing long term HSE solutions. Elm works with clients to develop HSE management programs to manage HSE risk in a manner which reflects the personality of the company.


The identification of HSE risk is a key component in the
development of an appropriately deigned HSE program. By understanding HSE risk, Elm assists our clients with a proven assessment methodology to identify controls, focus resources and minimize overall HSE risk exposure.


We assist in presenting ESG/sustainability strategies for a company
to accurately develop an ESG/Sustainability Program. The right resources, tools and education can help motivate change within an organization. Business partners can use these resources to implement programs that are integrated into the organization’s processes.

“ 35 years of expertise in more than 70 countries “

 Global Experience

Elm professionals have assisted companies perform HSE Audits in various industry sectors in more than 70 countries

• Oil and Gas
• Chemical/Petrochemical
• Energy and Power
Food Products/Agriculture
• Consumer Products
• Aerospace
• Electronics


• Pharmaceutical
• Automotive
• Mining
• Forest Products
• Pesticides Mfg. and Application
• Primary and Secondary Metal Processing
• Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities


Offices around the globe.

We have offices in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Indonesia and China. In addition, we have a network of over 100 hand-selected affiliates in more than 25 other countries. We have developed long standing relationships with these trusted HSE professionals allowing us to select the appropriate team resources in regulatory jurisdictions around the globe.

Our US offices are located in Connecticut, Texas and California.


“ We audit global operations for multiple Fortune 5oo companies. “

Our Team

We are a highly qualified team of professionals with different specializations in environmental, safety and health, geology, energy efficiency and renewable energy. We are passionate about what we do, and have been working for more than 30 years in the private (organizations and consultancy), public (national and local governments) and the academic sector.

Patrick J. Doyle, PEA

Patrick J. Doyle, PEA


+1 203-645-6204.

Mr. Doyle is a Managing Director located in Connecticut. The primary focus of his professional work is international HSE auditing and management system development and implementation. Mr. Doyle has performed numerous HSE diagnostic assessments at industrial operations worldwide and facilitated the development and implementation of effective HSE management systems to address program gaps and deficiencies. Mr. Doyle has over 25 years of professional experience in the HSE management field, having participated in over 550 comprehensive HSE audits, most as an audit team leader across the globe, including Africa, Asia, Australia (Oceana), Europe, North America, and South America. Mr. Doyle is fluent in Spanish and has a working knowledge of Portuguese. He has a Professional Environmental Auditor (PEA) certification from The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

Mr. Doyle’s industry experience includes consumer products, petroleum, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, power generation/utilities, and heavy manufacturing.

Robert Bray, CPEA

Robert Bray, CPEA


+1 949-887-3793

Mr. Robert Bray, CPEA is a Managing Director of The Elm Consulting Group International, LLC., an independent environmental, health, and safety consulting practice. Mr. Bray has more than 30 years of experience in regulatory compliance and environmental, health and safety (EHS) management, helping clients from the food processing, petrochemical, aerospace, consumer product manufacturing, primary and secondary metals, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, printing, military, public school system and utility industries understand the complex and ever-changing environmental regulations and policies. Mr. Bray has conducted more than 600 EHS compliance/management systems audits worldwide primarily as the lead auditor. He has managed a number of other projects for clients, such as developing EHS policies, standards and supporting documents,  conducting EHS training, performing EHS risk assessment and providing regulatory support.

Mr. Bray is a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor and has successfully completed the ISO 14000 Lead Auditor course. He was President of the Auditing Roundtable between 2008 and 2010 and currently Chairs and EHS Auditing Forum within the Auditing Alliance.

Joseph Cotier, CPEA

Joseph Cotier, CPEA


+1 860-794-3617

Mr. Joseph Cotier, CPEA is a Director with Elm whose responsibilities have included providing health, safety and environmental compliance and auditing services to a broad range of industrial clients for more than 30 years. His professional experience includes stints in industry as a corrosion technician, five years as an air pollution control engineer at the CT DEP, and the balance as a senior level EHS consultant and audit professional. Industry clients served have included: petroleum refining, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, automotive parts and components manufacturers, electric utilities, consumer products manufacturing and food production, and defense industry sites. During his career, Mr. Cotier managed and led more than 500 multi-media compliance audits in forty states, and sixty countries.

Mr. Cotier has a B.S. in Engineering from Western New England College [University] and is a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor, as issued by BEAC (formerly the EHS Certifications Advisory Committee of the Institute of Internal Auditors) and has held ANSI-RAB approved EMS auditor status. He served eight years on the Board of Directors of the Auditing Roundtable having held the elected offices of Secretary, Vice President and President. He Chaired BEAC for seven of the past eight years and has been instrumental in BEAC’s transition from the IIA to the Board for Global EHS Credentialing (BGC) and now sits as a Director on the BGC Board.

Camille Costa, P.E.

Camille Costa, P.E.

Mr. Costa is is a Director of The Elm Consulting Group International llc whose responsibilities have included environmental compliance and auditing services to a broad range of industrial clients for more than 40 years. His professional experience includes 15 years in the oil and gas and piping industries and 25 plus years in consulting. Industry experience include serving as Environmental Director at McDermott (former CB&I) overseeing national and international projects and Deputy Engineering Manager for a pipe manufacturing company (Ameron Saudi Arabia Ltd) in Saudi Arabia. His consulting experience includes serving as a senior level environmental expert providing engineering and environmental compliance services to oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing, transportation companies and treatment, disposal, storage facilities. Mr. Costa managed and led more 300 national and international multi-media compliance audits.

Mr. Costa has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the American University of Beirut (Lebanon) and is a Registered Professional Engineer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He was a former member of the Auditing Roundtable Board of Directors and the Mid-Atlantic Chairperson of the same. He is a provisional ISO 14001 auditor. Mr. Costa is also trilingual (fluent English, fluent Arabic, and moderate French).

Peggy Gamez

Peggy Gamez


+52 55 28 23 2032

Ms. Gamez is a Director with the Elm Consulting Group International LLC based in Mexico City, Mexico. Ms. Gamez has 23 years of professional experience and the primary focus of her professional work is international HSE management systems development and review, including HSE auditing. Ms. Gamez has performed numerous HSE management system reviews and audits at industrial operations across Latin America, Spain and the USA, and facilitated the development and implementation of effective HSE management systems to address program gaps and deficiencies. Ms. Gamez’s industry experience includes pharmaceutical, consumer products, petroleum, mining, aerospace, materials, and heavy manufacturing.

Ms. Gamez received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Instituto Universitario Politécnico de las F.F.A.A.N.N., an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad de Carabobo and a Certificate in Safety and Health Advance Programs from Universidad Simon Bolivar. She is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian.

Florencia González Otharán

Florencia González Otharán

Mrs. González Otharán is the Director of The Elm Consulting Group International LLC Buenos Aires office, Argentina. Mrs. González Otharán has 16 years of professional experience in health, safety and environmental (HSE) management systems, HSE auditing and HSE training programs. Mrs. González Otharán has performed numerous HSE audits and management system reviews for many clients at industrial operations across Latin America and the USA, helping them to address program gaps and new programs development.

Mrs. González Otharán graduated as an Environmental Engineer at the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, followed by postgraduate studies of Industrial Safety and Health at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. She is completing her M.S. in Economics at UCA. She is fluent in English and Spanish, and conversant in Portuguese. She is registered as a member of the Buenos Aires Engineers College.

What makes us Different

We work COMMITTED to each project to effectively support each client assignment.

We PERSONALIZE proposals in accordance to the client needs.

Our EXPERIENCE extends across  global organizations, government agencies, consulting firms and universities.

Because we focus on REDUCING COSTS associated to not fulfilling legal obligations and inefficient use of resources.

We REPRESENT our client with the concerned organism, with the confidence they place in us decreasing the daily concerns.

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