Safety, Health and Environmental Management

A comprehensive HSE Management program in a key component of addressing HSE concerns and Risks.

We support the development of key program management tools, including audit program manuals, auditor training, reporting procedures, corrective action plans and finding tracking databases.

Program Assessment
Program Development
Research and Trend Analysis
Program Implementation

Developing and implementing a sustainability program that supports the business strategy requires a process that is thoughtful and well-informed. The Elm team uses our knowledge and experience and leverages our network to help organizations through this process. Effective communication is an important foundation for any sustainability program.. Elm assists organizations in developing and implementing communication strategies, including responding to media inquiries, motivating employees, and engaging environmental and social organizations.

Supply Chain

Incorporating sustainability principles into material specifications and procurement processes can create unintended consequences. The quest for environmentally preferable materials may result in fewer suppliers or sources for chosen materials, which creates supply chain risk and possible business disruption. Internal conflict can arise between purchasing departments, supply chain and sustainability goals when business continuity programs/contingency plans are drawn up to address these risks. Elm assists clients in identifying and mitigating various risks related to supply chain sustainability initiatives.

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